Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Spam Series

Today I have an e-mail from: [%from_name%] (pronounced ), to: "[%to%]"@gre.... The subject is: Hey baby, found this site and wanted you to check it out f... Because Outlook has a magic preview feature, I don't have to open the e-mail to see that it says this:

bottoms sick funeral before profit visited widows fatherless ready moletron invitation condolence constructive impressions

What's a "moletron"?

1 comment:

Easter Carrot said...

A superhero?
A device for measuring moles?
A mole-tunnel public transportation system?

My favorite computer-generated spam actually tried to build sentences:

"Indeed, gonad for blood clot fall in love with hand living with shadow.When over guardian angel meditates, ball bearing behind hides.Where we can barely graduate from our fetishist.Now and then, toward football team trade baseball cards with grain of sand around.And prefer the dark side of her steam engine.Furthermore, over polar bear goes to sleep, and ocean beyond operate a small fruit stand with mastadon related to cleavage."

I've always wanted to operate a small fruit stand with mastadon related to cleavage. . .