Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Songs From 1984

When I posted 3 Friends, I had intended to also post the Top 10 from 1984 (link curtesy of my friend Carrot):

1. When Doves Cry, Prince -- I blew out my Dad's stero twice on this song. I own the LP, CD and DVD. Prince rocks.
2. What's Love Got To Do With It, Tina Turner
3. Say Say Say, Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson -- I'm happy to report, I don't remember this song. At all.
4. Footloose, Kenny Loggins -- Come now, who can resist Footloose???
5. Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now), Phil Collins -- EEEEEEWWWWW, even in 1984!
6. Jump, Van Halen -- Too many pot shots. I liked Diver Down, though. Then they became a joke.
7. Hello, Lionel Richie -- See #5, both for the song and for the creepy Starburst commercial (which I will never be able to eat again, thanks so much).
8. Owner Of A Lonely Heart, Yes -- Yawn.
9. Ghostbusters, Ray Parker Jr. -- Would you believe I've never seen Ghostbusters? Haven't seen Close Encounters, either.
10. Karma Chameleon, Culture Club -- I saw them in concert. 'Nuff said.

Tomorrow, songs from the year I met The Carrot. Which was....1987?

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Celtic Knitter said...

awesome songs!!! I know them all! You don't know say,say,say???? That's actually an excellent song!