Friday, April 28, 2006

Look! It's sleeves!

I tried to take a picture of the back and two fronts of Storm, but...well, you know, crummy camera. I realized, after I took the picture, that I had knit a couple of extra rows on the right sleeve, which is why they look uneven. That is a big advantage to knitting a pattern like this one, where you are adding pattern stitches in every few rows: you can see pretty quickly that one sleeve got a new pattern stitch and the other didn't. With stockinette or garter, I might have finished the sleeves and then found out one was shorter than the other.

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Shelly said...

Just read your intro on KnitTalk and stopped by to say Hello and Welcome. I'm orig from Perry/Williamston, MI.

A hint to offer if I may; I mark the sleeves when I do them two at a time to make sure I put new rows on both before I turn my work. I've marked needles with nail polish too to help, but current project is on wood needles and I prefer not to mark those.