Monday, December 12, 2005

Dad's Sweater -- A Progress Report

The River Grass Gansey

I'm actually a little further along on the sleeve than when this picture was taken, but this is a pretty nice picture of how it looks (the green is a little brighter).

And, yes, that is Black Label beer next to the sweater, and no, I was not drinking it, I have much better taste than that! The boyfriend has the lousy taste in beer. I do have to say, though, in defense of Black Label: the logo design is Classic. Too bad the contents are swill!

Here is a close up. The pattern is from Jamieson's Shetland Knitting 2.

I'm knitting this with Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece using #5 needles. I chose the yarn because my dad find wool sweaters very warm (even though he and my stepmom keep their house quite cold), and I was hoping the cotton/wool blend in the yarn would counteract the weight and "stringy-ness" of 100% cotton. It is, however, pretty heavy, which makes me nervous (will this sweater eventually stretch to Dad's knees? Tune in later..) The shoulders are already put together, and don't seem sturdy enough to support it, so I intend to reinforce them. Otherwise, I really like the sheen of the yarn and how well it shows off the patterns.

It looks to me like the sleeve will done by Christmas. I love knitting them from the top down because the number of stitches are decreasing, which always makes the knitting go faster!

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