Friday, December 02, 2005


How fun is this? I'm getting comments from friends (hi Sarah!), family and even complete strangers! Yay!

Krista -- yes, well, I learned housekeeping skills from our father so my attitude is a bit...relaxed. Of course, I am not without compulsive tendencies: just watch me try to get our shower doors clean! Ugh, glass doors on a shower? Whose stupid idea was that?

Cottage46 -- I agree, The Waltons held up much better. It was so much more genuine than Little House.

As far as where I live: Len (my boyfriend) and I are between Ann Arbor and Jackson, near a small town called Grass Lake. I grew up in Ann Arbor, but lived for several years in SW Michigan in White Pigeon and Centreville (and was the village, I mean secretary, for Constantine), all in the same county as Sturgis. Actually, a big part of why I love where I live now so much is that it reminds of St. Joseph County -- soybean and corn fields, old fart farmers, crummy diner food, bars and churches in equal number, and lots and lots of pick-up trucks. It's all very comforting.

Lee's blogging lesson of the day
I only have a vague notion of this blogging thing, so I am learning as I go. Today's lesson will be inserting links:
Marianne Kinzel's First Book of Lace Knitting can be found here. (Please note, even though I linked to Amazon, I don't necessarily advocate buying your books there, I'm a big fan of buying locally as much as possible, but they do provide a very good service, especially when your favorite local bookstore was bought out by K-Mart. I'm just sayin')

Ha! I just learned how to move a picture and insert a link (at least I think I did)! I might figure this thing out yet (though you might not want to hold your breath)..

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