Monday, December 05, 2005

A Bit on Jarhead. And knitting

Would last comment be....hmmm..The Flaming Carrot????

I haven't seen the movie yet (I also have a little thing for a GOOD war movie, and "Platoon" doesn't count). The New York Times main complaint was that it is "cold", the way "American Beauty" is cold. And since I didn't find "American Beauty" cold, at least not in a bad way, I suspect I may like the movie of "Jarhead". In any case, if you haven't already, you must see "Three Kings". That's a great movie.

In the book he hasn't gotten to the war yet. My irritation with Swofford's writing I think has to do with his inexperience as a writer (and editor). He doesn't seem to keep a consistent voice and sometimes gets weirdly romantic.


I got a few inches done on the sleeve for my Dad's sweater on Saturday, but didn't get any knitting done on Sunday. Nothing. That's just wrong. It worries me that I won't get the sleeve done by Christmas. I'd post a picture of the sweater, but I'm stuck in the dark ages of film, so I haven't anything current.

Instead of knitting I started to measure a warp for a loom. This warp should hopefully eventually become Something. Like a shawl to keep me warm when my office is cold. Maybe.

Gratuitous cat picture
Because we miss her...

The Kitty


Anonymous said...

Hey, Lee!
Seems like you have a great blog in the making. We need to see more pictures of your finished knit projects so that everyone out in blogland will know what a fabulous knitter you are!

On a more somber note, I would like to post my formal sympathies for the loss of Kitty, who had an insatiable appetite for a variety of foodstuffs. People might like to hear more about her exploits with the meat.


Yes, THAT Carrot said...

American Beauty is my favorite movie. Ever. I cannot descibe it as cold because it made all of the characters seem real and three dimensional and sympathetic. You could see the story from all of their perspectives, and they did not exists just to fill roles in the protagonist's story (an approach I also appeciate in Vonnegut's writing).

And yeh, Three Kings was great. Much deeper than I expected.

As for my own reading habits of late, I think I'm starting to lose my marbles. Everything I read gives me this deja-vu-like sense of having read it before -- sometimes even if I *know* I haven't. Unsettling.