Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Paranoid Cat

While we have finally upgraded our home internet service to the slowest DSL available (which is still blazing fast compared to dial-up), our ancient (in Techie years) computer can't really keep up, so this post might be a bit bare bones.

Judy is Not a Happy Cat

This is Judy. She's paranoid. The other two cats have been having various cat health problems (too gross to go into), and in the midst of it all Judy started licking her back raw, so now I need to get her to the vet. The only time I am allowed to even touch Judy is when she is in this room, better yet, when she is on the chair. This is my best chance to get Judy into the cat box and up to the vet. I was hoping to get her on Saturday but I only had two opportunities: once while the cat box was unavailable and then after the vet had closed. Judy is not stupid. I am home today, trying again. I have already missed one opportunity, and now she is in hiding. I love the crazy creature, but she does not make it easy.
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Sharon said...

Cats at the most superficial level seem to be a common household staple. So not true. They have so many infectious components, which is why we are a one-cat family and our vet insists we remain so.