Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Finished Knitting

With crummy pictures!

New Socks

These are the Austrian Socks from Favorite Socks. The color is way off but the yarn is Louet Gems sport weight (Willow, I believe), knitted on size 2 needles.

Cable Detail

That's a little closer to the color. I enjoyed knitting them, but they were a bit hard on my hands -- I think the pattern calls for fingering weight, but I went with the heavier yarn because I don't like the way fingering works up with #2 needles (at least not for socks).


I love the way the toe works out, and that the socks fit exactly as written.


Now I can knit these without guilt. Not that I wasn't knitting them before, but it was guilty, furtive knitting, since I hadn't finished the Austrian socks. This is the first time I've used Koigu and I might be addicted.

Simon Does Not Approve

Simon does not approve.

Cat update: I still haven't gotten Judy to the vet, but I discovered fleas on Thursday night. I managed to get flea stuff on her on Saturday morning. She still hasn't forgiven me, but I'm calling it a minor victory, even if it doesn't take care of the obsessive licking.


Sharon said...

Man, those socks are intricate! They look great - hope they last forever with all the work you've put into them.

Anonymous said...

I quite like both pair of socks. But, Koigu does have a way of becoming addicting. It even becomes addicting for me to dye. Here I am in the rainbow room (dye room) at 6:30 am playing with colour. The Kersti that we are dyeing at the moment is so soft I can't get my hands out of it. Glad to hear that you enjoy our yarn.