Thursday, January 07, 2010

Knitting Seen in the Wild

Is it just me or did the holiday rush by in a flash? I put up decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving and took them down January 3rd, barely a week later. I did a lot of frantic knitting during that time, but have very few pictures to show for it. Exactly one, in fact.

Little Stocking

I knitted eight wee little stockings, took a picture of this one and the green and red ones, but none of the others (including the super cute beaded ones). I'm lame.

I also knitted a very nice wrap for a friend, out of some Blue Heron Silk Rayon she gave me in a fit of I-don't-know-what-to-do-with-this-Get-it-out-of-my-house (I could use a couple of those fits in my life). I made Asymmetry from Wrap Style, I didn't take a picture and I can't find an accessible one on the web, so you will just have to trust me that it came out well.

Today was my 100th day of photos. To celebrate, WordPress released a new photoblogging template. Wasn't that nice of them? It isn't very different, but I can finally link to my brother's photo blog.

And last, but not least: are you getting excited about Census 2010? Of course you are! This video of the unveiling of the Census 2010 NASCAR Ford Fusion is pretty funny (if you are as giant a nerd as I am). Some time ago, Sharon had suggested I do a post about the Census. I did actually start one, but got worried that I would get something and be boring at the same time. The director of the Census, Bob Groves, is keeping a blog and provides some interesting details (e.g. his post on January 4 explains why filling out the census form is mandatory). However, if anyone is interested, I'd be happy to put together a piece. If you give me some idea of what you would like know about, I might be able to keep it short.


Granny Crab said...

Cute wee stockings! Can Callie have one? I would like to know what people do with the info collected at census. Does the information ever really help anyone?

Sharon said...

I agree - it flew past. I have Yule whiplash. I really enjoy your photo blog but I haven't found a way to move through it easily. It's slow to load.

As for the census, so little is known about. I checked that blog you linked and my eyes crossed. How about a little background like how the census workers are selected, how they do their job, how and what they count. I think we only know the end - they count.

Anonymous said...

Well, since the question was asked...Census workers are hired through the same process any employer would hire someone. Positions (as one might expect), are temporary and local to the area. They hire for clerical and enumerators 18yrs or older & generally with no criminal background. They are also required to take 30min. test that covers reading, math & attention to detail. Additional training is required once they've completed the application process. They also pay a decent starting wage (at least for my clients)for such a mundane job-$12 for clerical & $16.50 for enumerators. So there you have it. The census worker in a nutshell;)