Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I've Been Known to Knit a Stitch or Two

I know, that surprises me, too. But here is proof:


Soleil from Knitty.com. Do you like how it blocking on Mabel? I haven't unpinned it and tried it on yet to see how that worked, but I'm betting it is fine.

But wait! There's more!

Featherweight Cardigan

The Featherweight Cardigan from Hannah Fettig. I love this cardigan. The yarn is a lace weight from Blackberry Ridge which I dyed with grape and black cherry Kool Aid.

Featherweight Cardigan

The dye behaved oddly when I washed the finished item: it continued to bleed (which isn't so surprising), but the backs of the sleeves are much darker than the fronts. Very weird.

I would like to note that at the moment it is 66.6 degrees. I find that hilarious. And kind of cold.


Stef said...

Oooh!!! I love them both, but especially the featherweight cardigan. May I ask how many knitting hours that one took? Did you make it longer than the pattern suggested or is it cropped?

Anonymous said...

I love the sweaters! I also think meltdowns are good for us every once in a while. Cleans the soul. Love, Mom