Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Knitting Break

Thank you, everyone, for your comments about Gwen. She's doing ok for now, eating more, looking better, and loony as ever (bless her wee little heart).

Anyway. As promised, I have knitting for you, with pictures. Very exciting.


Are these not the prettiest mittens you have ever seen? Not because I'm such a great knitter, but the design is so irresistable (and free). I used Jo Sharp's Alpaca Silk Georgette (Devon, Woodland and Pond, to be exact).


Should you decide to make a pair of these of your very own (and of course you should), I have a couple of suggestions: buy an extra ball of the main color. And there is a round of increases in the flower band, mark that on your chart before you start knitting or you will end up having to go back to do it, twice (then again, I am a bit dim).


They are nice and warm, a little big, but they do fit perfectly over my gloves, which is how I tend to wear mittens anyway. I'm in love with them, but will gladly give them up for warm weather.

Traveling Stitch Leg Warmers

I have started the Traveling Stitch Leg Warmers (yes, leg warmers. Shut up.). They are in the Knit So Fine book, but also appeared in the Spring 2008 issue of Interweave.

Traveling Stitch Leg Warmers

The back lozenge is what seduced me. I figure, under boots, no one will know they are footless. The yarn is Louet Gems sportweight.

Underneath all this knitted goodness is the beginnings of a skirt which did not work out. At all. Suffice to say, when measuring yourself for a straight skirt, take into account your hips, especially if, like mine, they are ample. Moving on.

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Valerie said...

Wonderful knitting!! I love the color combination in the mittens....it's always been one of my favorite combinations. Oooh..just went and looked, your colors are much prettier than the red and yellow.

My knitting has suffered lately...been busy at the looms..... And shoveling snow.....

Funny....the word verification for this post is "inoxy"...maybe you used Inox needled for one of the projects?!