Monday, November 10, 2008

Clapotis or Lapping

It was still a little damp, and I was weaving in ends on the way, but I managed to get the shawl done in time for Friday's Euchre Tournament.


Here it is, folded in half (no, it did not dry that way!). Pretty and snuggly. Wet blocking really makes a difference with this yarn, a half hour soak with Eucalan made the yarn so soft and really gave the shawl a lovely drape.


I was hoping you'd get an idea from this picture, but not really. By the way, weaving in ends, in the dark in a car is not as much fun as you might imagine. Don't worry, I wasn't driving.


I ran out of time so the scarf wasn't has long as I had hoped, it could have done with another couple of repeats, and I steam blocked rather than wet blocked.


The hat came out rather nicely. All of these were knitted on size 8 needles, which produces a rather firm fabric.

But the best thing was that
they have raised $10,000 for ALS of Michigan in the five years they have organized the tournament, which is a great tribute to Sue.

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Sharon said...

Great for ALS Michigan - worthy endeavor indeed.