Thursday, November 06, 2008

Camping and Animals

Len's nephew, Connor, spent Saturday night with Len and Lizzy in a tent in our back yard. They did fine, but Lizzy threw up sometime in the night. I stayed in the house, because why would you sleep on the ground if you have a bed?


The wee dog in the background is Len's sister Amy's dog. Muffin.

Mean Rooster

We have a boy toy for the chickens now. He attacked Connor, but the hens seem to like him.

Lizzy in the Wild

Lizzy in the wilds of our back yard.

Concerned Lizzy

Doesn't she look concerned? She probably just wants something. She's sweet that way.


Sharon said...

Poor Connor. To this day I am afraid of chickens because my father's roosters used to beat me up. Roosters can rear up and look really tall and when you're not much taller, well.....

Shelly said...

Lizzy is adorable!

I like to give roosters a chance to be nice but so far they all end up attacking my kids so they end up in the stew pot. I'm scared of roosters talons getting my kids eyes so I take no chances, it's just not worth the risk to me. Right now I have a banti roo that I got from the elementary school as a chick and so far so good, he's nice!