Thursday, October 30, 2008

Election Blues

I know I know, you are sick of all the election ads, snark, and bellyaching. I am too: there was one Obama ad that we saw so many times I thought I was going to put someone's eye out if I had to see it again. Besides, god knows you don't need the likes of me telling you why I support Obama or why I am so very disappointed in McCain.

However, I think something very important gets lost during a presidential campaign, and that is whether you live in a solidly blue or red state, or somewhere in between, there are local elections and issues which are every bit as important as the national campaigns. These can often have a larger effect on our day to day lives than the presidential election. So even if you choose not to vote for president, please consider voting for the local school/library/whatever millage, state representatives, etc. If you are not sure what is on your ballot, go to your state's Secretary of State website and look for voter information. It should not be difficult to find.

However, can someone tell me what a drain commissioner does and why this is an elected position?

On another subject: Clapotis as a social disease. Hahahaha!!! The LaRousse defines Clapotis thusly: clapotis = clapotement which meaning lapping. Clears things up nicely I think. By which I mean not at all. I'll stick with the disease.

Also, I did not provide a link to the first version of the green dress. It is here.


bspinner said...

I have gone into the voting booth and NOT voted for president because I didn't like any of the candidates but did cast my vote on the local elections and issues. Our votes really do count at the local level. Ask my poor husband who didn't even run for School Board but he got enough write in votes to win the election.
Hang in there just three more days.

Sharon said...

I registered to vote with great excitement when I turned 18. I registered Democrat and considered myself to be a conservative person, and perhaps at that time I was. I don't think my politics have changed nor have I changed parties. Recently my SIL told me that I am the most liberal person he knows. I'm still trying to sort through that. I have not changed my politics - I swear.