Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Shetland Lace Scarf

I lied a little bit. I hoped I would have time to take pictures of the dress and skirt, but, secretly, I suspected I would not. I did manage to get pictures of the scarf.

Shetland Scarf

This is the Shetland scarf from the Interweave Holidays Special Issue (evidence of which seems to have disappeared from the website). The yarn is "100% Domny Wool" (whatever that is) and was bought to knit a specific sweater some years after I started knitting, but apparently before I clued into gauge, since the pattern calls for DK and this is clearly not.

Anyway. I knitted and unknitted the first end of this scarf many, many times before finally getting it right. I didn't have to knit and unknit the second end quite so many times (but because I am me, I did have to rip a few times).


It is a pretty little scarf. The long portion is just interesting enough to keep me from wanting to poke out my eyes, but simple enough to do while watching even the most engrossing TV*. The scarf was knit for a fund raiser here at work, so it is now out of my hands.

*By which I mean Quantum Leap, which has been playing on some cable network. What a completely stupid, heavy handed, idiotic show. I'm completely addicted. Clearly I am not well.


Sharon said...

Unknitted. That sums up the story of my lace knitting.

Helen said...

The scarf is lovely. The yarn suits it really well; if you still have a sweaterfull, it would make a wonderful shawl.

I'm glad to know someone else is in the ranks of the knitting and ripping, knitting and ripping.