Thursday, May 08, 2008

New Skirt!

I managed to get exactly one picture of my new skirt before my camera batteries pooped and needed to be revived. As usual, it is not a great picture, but not so bad either:

Barcelona Skirt

This is Amy Butler's Barcelona Skirt, in her Midwest Modern Garden Maze Olive. The color in the above picture are truer than the swatch at I had to install an invisible zipper, which was. Interesting. I do not have an invisible zipper foot (which, the zipper package claims, is necessary for correct installation), so I hightailed it up to Big-Box-Craft-and-Fabric (BBCF) store in Jackson. Their fabric and sewing section is huge. I went to what looked to be a very large selection of feet* and was asked if I need help. I told the woman I needed an invisible zipper foot for my Brother sewing machine, and was informed, rather snootily, that BBCF only carries Viking and Singer. Perhaps I would find what I am looking for at Walm@rt. Honestly. I was pretty amazed that someone working at BBCF could be so snooty about it given the amount of polyester they carry**. Whatever. I found a tutorial for inserting an invisible zipper with a regular zipper foot, and it worked reasonably well (despite the lack of pictures, because of crummy dial-up).

*Don't you love craft vocabulary?
**The folks at BBCF in Ann Arbor are much nicer and not at all snotty.


bspinner said...

Great skirt!!!! I admire someone who can sew. Something that's way beyond me.

tea said...

I missed so much while I was scrambling to find a job (which I'm still doing, but with more slack). Great skirt! Great scarf! Great gerber daisy!

Also, how interesting that Zooey D. is having an album. I'm divided on how I feel about her. I feel too old to identify with her characters, but that if I knew her current movies four years ago, she would be a favorite. I still watch movies with her in them, though.

I am annoyed at the snootiness of big box store. My fella and I ran into that once in regards to dressforms and I'm kind of forbidden from going back in there. I mean, not in a scary, man-controlly way. But in a "do you really want to support that kind of place?" kind of way.