Friday, March 28, 2008

Equinox Done!

Two adult size sweaters in one season. That is surely a record. For me, anyway.


The picture is horrid of course. Taking a picture earlier in the day wouldn't have made a difference, since the sun was obscured by the {insert cursing} snowstorm.

Button Detail

That is a better representation of the colors, also a close up of a button. Unfortunately, I lost a button in the deep recesses of a bag of yarn, where it seems to have been eaten by a lint monster. I'm very proud of how this came out, I think this is the most thought I've put into a sweater and made it very much my own.

Comments on the sewing:
@: I always say: why start with something easy, when you can start with something way beyond your skill level and drive yourself insane in the process? Ha!

Miriam: I don't even know what a "feeder dog" is, which might also be part of the problem! I do love the obscure language of craft. Until recently, the machine hasn't had much use. I bought the thing to aid with steeks and hemming handwoven stuff (and notice how little of that I've done). Had I thought for a minute I'd take up sewing clothes, I'd have paid more attention to what I was buying (it's an el-cheapo Brother from Target). Oh well. I'll probably upgrade if I continue to do this.

Sharon: Don't worry. Despite all evidence to the contrary {insert swearing}, Spring is coming. Soon I'll be up to my elbows in dirt and have no time or energy for much more than three exhausted stitches of knitting a night. I have to say, though, this has been way more fun than I expected, and I keep thinking of things I could make. Not underwear, though. I won't go that far.


Valerie said...

The sweater is lovely. And it sure looks like you'll have plenty of time to wear it this season!

Sewing a straight line is over rated.

Feed dogs are the zig-zaggy shaped teeth that stick through the opening on the throat plate, directly under the presser foot. They move with each stitch and are responsible for moving the fabric forward as you sew.

Yesterday: Snow storm and a construction crane fell on M-14 yesterday, closing the highway both ways. Once again Michigan moves straight from winter roads to construction season. Bring on the orange barrels and dodge the potholes!!

Sharon said...

Oh my word, that' a complicated sweater. How can you not absolutely love it?! Bend you arm and pat yourself on the back. It is wonderful.

Stef said...

Gorgeous (and even better in person)! Congratulations!!