Monday, February 18, 2008

Bowling for Honkytonk

Len and I went out on Saturday night. In our case, this is kind of a notable event since we never go out. We are both cheap and lazy, and anti-social. We really are a good pair.

Bowling Balls

We went bowling. Even though I can't bowl (I scored 73 and 90), I think it's a hoot. And I don't care to get better at it, thank you very much.

Alex's Boot

A friend of our's was playing bass in a honky tonk band at the bowling alley. This foot is not his.


Nor is this arm. I'm not sure that tattoo is very honky tonk.


The hat is, though.

Drink of the Night

This lethal concoction was all the rage. I tasted it, and it was nasty -- pineapple juice, vodka and possibly a nuclear reaction. I'm more of a gin and tonic girl, myself.

Bowling and country music. It's a great way to spend a Saturday night.


Sharon said...

Great photo of the lethal concoction - I believe you!

@ said...

Hmmm.. are you sure that isn't liquid magic? It sure looks magic... like something Micky might have drank in "Fantasia."