Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Knitting Kicks My Rear

Drifting Pleats kicked my rear end up and down the block this weekend (and I live in the country, it is a very long block). The pleats are easy enough, it doesn't take long to see what she is getting at, the drifting was giving me trouble, though. Mostly because I am very dim. It seems that just because it doesn't look like stitches have moved, they have. This is knitting you really have to think about, it isn't so complex, it is just so different. I'll try to get it together to take pictures, you know, when there is something to show.

Glass Reindeer

Instead, here is a pretty little glass reindeer. This is my favorite ornament (until I look at all the others on my tree), it is so elegant. The reindeer (along with a few others on my tree) belonged to my mother's Aunt Alice. To my great regret, I never met her -- my impression is that both of my parents were very fond of her. I did know two of my mom's other aunts -- Bernie (who had a classic green jello salad, which is really quite good) and Margaret (who was a pill). Why yes, I am very sentimental!


Sharon said...

What a great ornament! Ornaments are my favorite part of Christmas, right behind my family whom most the ornaments represent.

Stef said...

Oooh...very, very cool ornament!

You're scaring me a little with the drifting pleats issue. I'm expecting the book in the mail any day now, so we'll have to talk about this. If the pattern is difficult for you to track, then I'm going to have a very, very unhappy time...

Can I also say that I'm very angry at the Blogger change. I'm still unable to just put the blog url into the comments. It's really annoying. I guess everyone should be using blogger, eh?