Wednesday, August 08, 2007


My parents, grandparents and an aunt* are coming to our house on Sunday for lunch. So grown up. So freaked out. I would be less stressed out if the grandparents and aunt had been there before, but they haven't, so I really want to show the house at it's very best. Unfortunately, this has been the summer of no vacuuming.

I should have all day Saturday to prepare. I should have Len to help. However, Len is working on the outside of the house and working six days a week. And Saturday:


These two (Len's nephew, Max and niece, Madelyn) are having their first birthday party in the afternoon. And who could resist those faces?

Spending a couple of hours in Saline wouldn't be so stressful, except our friend, K. is playing in a honky tonk band that night in Ypsilanti. We find the prospect of K (in borrowed boots, no less) playing in honky tonk band pretty irresistible. Plus. Vietnamese food across the street.

All of which means I have to get the house ready during the week, while at the same time dealing with an explosion of garden produce. I've been picking a pound and a half of beans every other day, and that's only because the green beans haven't been coming in as quickly as the purple beans. Yet. And despite how disappointed K and my sister will be, I am not very sorry that the damned rabbits are eating all of the pickling cucumbers.

As though that isn't enough, I've been having a minor emotional meltdown. Nothing serious, someone from my past contacted me and I was unexpectedly reminded of a very painful time in my life. While I'm not entirely surprised, I am a little rattled.

Wet Poppy

I've been knitting, but not much and not anything interesting enough to take pictures of. So a pretty picture of a poppy will have to do. I put poppy seeds in last fall and early this spring. They started blooming after everyone else's were done and they aren't finished yet -- there were six new blooms this morning.

If you don't hear from me for a few days, it's because my head exploded. Don't worry, though. Len will clean it up.

*These relationships are more complicated, but my family takes hours to explain and I am already overwhelmed.


Stef said...

Take long, deep breaths. We'll have a nice little cocktail on Saturday night while watching Keith in his silly boots. :-)

Keith said...

Silly boots?!?! I rather thought I looked quite fetching!