Friday, August 17, 2007

Knitting At Last!

I know, y'all missed it so. I know I do.

Obnoxious Flower Sweater

I didn't take pictures of the sleeves, but you will just have to trust me when I say they are done. I finished the back and one front a long time ago, before I understood the magic of using short rows to shape shoulders (and collars, for that matter). I think (I hope) this is the last holdover, 'cos those shoulders were a pain to sew together.


The color is fairly accurate. I think the flower turned out reasonably well, especially considering how much I despise knitting intarsia. I can't wait to get this finished, not because knitting been so painful -- I mean, let's face it, if it had been that bad, I'd have totally ditched the project by now -- but I'm really interested to see how it turned out. I draped it over myself last night, it looks like a crazy, flappy vest. Finishing should take care of that.


Edging for the lace handkerchief. I have 12 repeats so far, I need 27 before I can go onto the next step. This is knitted on #0000 needles with cobweb wool. This ball was given to me without a label, but I suspect it's from Lacis (search for "shetland cobweb wool"). I should have used something for size comparison, but I guess you could use the cat hair ({sigh} I hate our couch).

Lace Panel Jacket

This is the first Interweave Knits I bought, in the Summer of 1998 (I learned to knit a year before). I've wanted to make this ever since. I bought the yarn -- Dale of Norway's long since discontinued Kolibri, in a pretty sage green -- years ago, while visiting my friend Cindy in Portland, Oregon. I totally remember the shop (though not it's name) because they kept their clearance yarn in a bathtub. It seems like I read recently that is was Joan McGowan-Micheal's first Interweave design, but she only claims a design from Winter 1998 on her website (this is definitely her's). Maybe she doesn't want people to remember it because the construction is sadistic -- it's knit in strips and everything is sewn together. I figure I'll finish this in 10 years or so. Hope I don't run out of yarn.

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