Thursday, February 15, 2007

More Penny Dye

A year ago (to the day, it turns out), I posted about penny dyeing. The recipe I was following said that the color would be different depending on the water used. Len (he has some interest in chemistry and has only used that interest for nefarious purposes) and I decided to put that statement to the test:
Penny Dyes
From left to right: Distilled water, water from my Dad and Stepmother's house (they have some really sulpherous water, and our own unsoftened water. I started the dye less than a week ago, so we have some time to go.
You might wonder why we are using the pre-1982 pennies rather than the more easily obtained copper pipe. Good question! I don't have an answer. Just seemed like cheating, somehow. Now that we have about 300 pennies for this job, I don't think we need more, but it is hard not to go through every handful of change looking for old pennies. What can I say? I am a nerd.

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