Friday, January 26, 2007

One of THOSE Weeks

It's been one of those weeks. You know the kind, when nothing makes sense or works properly and you are quite certain it's your fault. And you don't think the weekend will be a respite because nothing is quite right there either. Nothing truly awful, you understand, just slightly off center.

1. I made someone angry Friday and was dealing with the reprecussions for most of this week. I finally apologized to her for making her angry. She told me that she forgives me, even though what I said was inappropriate. Isn't that sweet? {insert appropriate level of sarcasm}

2. I am trying to do something at work which will make a very large job that I have much easier and less cumbersome. It turns out that what I am trying to do, using a program I don't know very well, is complicated enough to not be explained well in any of the documentation I could find.

3. I finally sent an e-mail to Schoolhouse Press about the fair isle math issue; the response I got muddied the waters further.

4. I either made Len angry or hurt.

Then, starting late afternoon yesterday, everything starting falling into place:

1a. I spoke with a third party about this person. It turns out she has been having the same problems with her. It turns out that I am not (necessarily) a bitch from hell, but that she is very easily angered. Troubling enough, but I least I won't feel guilty when she gets angry at me again.

2a. My database guru K. came through with a clear, concise explanation for what I need to do to make my project work. It was not complicated. At all.

3a. I got another e-mail in response to my second desperate plea, explaining what is going on with the charts. It turns out that the repeat is actually 32 stitches, not 33. There are 33 stitches in the charts because of a publishing fluke: the first and last stitches are repeated in the chart. All is becoming clear.

4a. Len is neither angry nor hurt. I'm not sure he remembers that I said anything at all.

All is well in Lee-land.

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