Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Insert Non-Cliche Title Here

Titles. Feh. Especially because what I have to tell you about today is so very ripe for a bad cliche.

Under Construction
Under Construction

I stayed home from work, yesterday and started the Tiger Eye socks from Socks, Socks, Socks. The yarn is Louet Gems Pearl, in Eggplant, and the needles are #2's. I'm a little concerned that the #2's are a bit big for the yarn (I don't remember what the pattern calls for, but it is certainly a sock weight); the knitting looks fine, but I'm concerned that these could wear out more quickly (the density that smaller needles lend the fabric makes socks more durable). How concerned am I? Not enough to rip these out and finding a heavier weight yarn, or to do the work necessary to go down a needle size (I've already tried smaller needles, the sock would have been too small). If they wear out quickly, so be it. Nothing is permanent.

Tiger Eye
This is a bit closer to the actual color

Now, stop singing "Eye of the Tiger". Seriously. That song will kill brain cells.

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