Tuesday, September 12, 2006

What Makes Sense, When So Little Does

I had considering trying to write something yesterday, but I wasn't up to the task. Part of the problem is that I'm not nearly eloquent enough to do the day justice (for a really interesting discussion of where we are 5 years later, see Juan Cole's article).

But the truth is, I'm too sad and angry to say anything coherent. So I think I will show you what I've been knitting, since that is pretty much the only thing that makes sense in my world.
I've actually made progress on Daffodil. You can't tell because it is a deflated sack of thread right now. Because I seem to enjoy telling tales of my extreme idiocy, I offer the latest (actually, not quite the latest, since I have failed to make a pom pom yet again): the stitches on this have been getting very crowded, so I decided to put it on a longer circular needle. Since the easiest-to-get-to-yarn-shop was out of the needle I wanted (to be very specific, an Addi Turbo, 2.5mm 32" needle), I decided to order one. It came a week or so later. Daffodil was already on a 32" needle, negating the need for a new one. Len said, "maybe you should have measured the needle first." I supressed the urge to slap him silly. And ordered a 40" needle.
I also made some progress on the t-shirt. I should have this done sometime this year, but I keep getting distracted. To wit:
This looks like an avoidance tactic, doesn't it? It isn't. It's also more purple than you see here. The wife of a close friend of Len's died of ALS a couple of years ago. She used to play Euchre once a month with a group of friends. These friends started a yearly fundraising tournament in her honor (this year will be the third). Since we don't play Euchre, last year I decided to knit and donate some scarves to the raffle. This is the first scarf for this year. It's in some random wool yarn, size 5 needles, and a stitch pattern from Barbara Walker's first stitch collection called Reverse Herringbone Faggot (I know that is a very old word, pre-dating it's current by centuries, but I still hate it). Hopefully I can get several done before November 18.
This, on the other hand, is total distraction knitting. The yarn is my copper dyed yarn. This pattern is from the current issue of Interweave Knits. Why am I knitting it, with so many other projects going? Don't ask stupid questions.
I need 14 repeats of this pattern before beginning edging number one. This is near the end of repeat 11. I completely adore how the leaves come off the center spine.

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