Thursday, September 21, 2006

Flagrant Disregard for Decent Traffic Behavior

I have an hour commute to work. I don't generally mind: the drive through the country is pretty, and it gives me time to listen to music that Len hates. Unless I am very late, I stay away from the highway, it can make me jittery. Jittery makes for bad driving.

This morning I was late. I took the highway. It is possible that the jitters degraded my powers of observation, but it seemed to me a Honda Accord used a left turn lane as passing lane (in a 35 mph speed zone, in which we were going...35 mph). He passed 5 or 6 cars before zipping into the correct lane. He then had to get back into the left lane to use it for it's intended purpose. I'm quite certain this same Very Important Person believed it was quite beneath him to wait in line to turn right at the next light, and used a parking lot to avoid the inconvenience.

I'm pretty sure he was not following Mr. Karr's Rules.

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