Friday, February 17, 2006

A Couple of Updates

I was hoping to have pictures of a new warp, but I didn't get that far last night. I finished threading and wound it onto the loom, but that was pretty much it for me. I'll get more done this weekend and try to have pictures on Monday. Judy finds weaving very exciting: the loom is a big toy to her. I think she leaves it along when I'm not working on it, but when I'm there she's up and down, crawling around the warp and chasing the yarn. She's still too small to do much damage, but it's pretty nerve wracking. Simon and Gwen think of weaving as Love Me time, that can sometimes involve a trip across the warp and they are much bigger than Judy. I'm waiting for the day one of them falls through the warp.

So instead of warp pictures, I give you a couple of knitting progress pictures. I took these a few days ago, but am not much further along (due to the weaving):
This is "Storm" (what do a bunch of knit and purl diagonals have to do with a storm?). The color on this picture sucks.
Here's a closeup of the stitch pattern. I have to say that I am really enjoying knitting this, this pattern is just interesting enough to pay attention to (so I don't fall asleep), but not nearly complicated enough to want to rip out my hair (that's what Daffodil is for).
And here is Mom's scarf. There is a little teeny tiny square right under the needle -- I've ripped it out three times now. I'm still not happy with it, but I'm going to live with it (and so is she). I was trying to strand the unused color across the square's three stitches. Apparently, I can't do that. I mean, I know it is doable, but I can't seem to do it without some nasty puckering and distortion. Oh, and see that booklet to the right of the scarf?
That is a shawl that someday I will knit. Not for my wedding, because if it were for my wedding we would never get married. The pattern is like 16 pages long! Actually, the more I look at it, the less I am afraid of it (the construction looks pretty basic). I think I am missing something. Gwen is looking at it and thinking, "I know what you're missing. Your sanity! You'll be crying over this when you could be loving me." I think she's jealous.

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