Monday, January 23, 2006

More knitting

Progress on the River Gansey continues. I'm not posting a picture because, well, not much has changed, looks-wise. Just click on the link and imagine the sweater with another sleeve, and there you have it. I'm about an inch from the cuff, then I have the neckline to do, then some weaving in of ends (not many, I have been doing that dreaded task all along), then I'm done. Love those seamless sweaters!

The problem is that I might not have enough yarn to finish. I'll stop by the yarn shop today in hopes that she has the Cotton Fleece in Jungle Green (and that the dye lot will be close enough). I have enough to get through the sleeve, but probably not for the neck. I figure if the dye lot is close, it won't be very noticeable (it's shadows, not a different color!)

Other news
Well, not really, more like non-news. There is still no word on the reporter kidnapped in Iraq. Jill Carroll is from Ann Arbor, I didn't know her -- she graduated from Huron (the "other" high school) and is about 10 years younger than me. It turns out, though, that my step-mother Linda worked for her father many years ago, she and my dad knew her and her sister as "cute, giggly teenagers". That detail along makes the story more than just a rotten news item.

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