Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A Boatload of Books

My mom gave me a gift certificate to Barnes & Noble. I think she muttered something about not knowing what TV Series to get me for Christmas so she went with a G.C. (I think the "C" actually stands for "Card", but, whatever...I still buy RECORDS forgodssake!) I thought their media (dvd and cd) were pretty outrageous, so I bought books. Lots of books:

(Click on the picture to see B&N's information about the book). Zadie Smith was on the Diane Rehm Show 12/29/05 (this was a rebroadcast). I actually wanted to get her first book, White Teeth, but neither B&N or Borders have it in stock (I had the same problem with another book: the author has a new book out, and I can't find previous paperbacks. Very irritating.)

I bought this one for Len (at his request). He hasn't made it through Infinite Jest (I'm pretty sure the title is a play on the length, it's over 1,000 pages!) but this is a collection of essays. Maybe I'll pick it up, too, but I doubt it (I have way too many others to read).

I love Jane Austen. This one looks like a pretty light read (which, after the carnage of Jarhead, might not be such a bad idea!)

I also bought Kurt Eichenwald's Conspiracy of Fools (Blogger isn't letting me upload the picture, for some reason). I'm looking forward to reading about the moronitude of people who have way too much money and think they are a whole lot smarter than they are (to their own downfall, and tragically that of their employees and shareholders).

There was one more, but I can't think of what it is at the moment. So now I am buried in knitting and books. What could be better?

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Stuntmother said...

Nothing. Nothing could be better than being buried in knitting and books. Except perhaps being buried with a tea pot nearby.