Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Knitting! And Sewing!

Good gracious! And the worst pictures ever!*

Purple Blob

The Purple Blob. I finished this just after last year's retreat and promptly decided it was too short and too boxy, so I ripped it back to the armholes, figured out a better rate of decrease (which is to say, I thought about it before I reknitted, unlike last time when I got to somewhere around my waist and totally faked it, which didn't work at all. I know. I'm surprised, too) and re-knitted. I finished it again at this year's retreat. And then bought new buttons because I totally winged the buttonholes and ended up with more holes than buttons. It's still a little short and boxy but I'm much happier with it. It is a basic top down cardigan following Barbara Walker's instructions in Knitting From the Top Down.

Tulip Skirt

Tulip Skirt from the winter 2008 issue of Stitch (will they make this available for subscription?). I made one last year from a black rayon-linen blend (no picture, apparently), which I do not recommend as it feels nasty and pills. This is something called "weaver's cloth", I have no idea what that is (100% cotton from JoAnn's). I don't know. I want to like this skirt, but it may be too short and too poufy for me and I end up feeling like my rear end goes on forever. Maybe if the fabric has better drape and is a little longer? How many times will I sew this skirt before I admit that I am not 25 and thin as a rail? The color for the sweater in this picture is just right, though.


This is also from that issue of Stitch, but I don't remember what it is called. I have also made this one before, but I only took my waist measurement into account, forgetting completely about my hips. Hahaha! Let's pretend that one never existed. This is supposed to have horizontal pin tucks as well, but at some point early on I realized that was going to take 2 inches I didn't think I had to spare. I was right. This fits perfectly in the hips, the waist is a little big, but that is manageable.

*I've been playing with Blogger and headers and layouts for most of the afternoon (for work, not for me) and I'm a little loopy. Here is a sunflower, just because:


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Sharon said...

I've been wanting to sew for at least a year and loved Len's Hawaiian shirt. I've been pre-thinking about it a lot and will probably lean toward fitted even though I have nothing to fit to. It just seems to work better than boxy - at least in my head.