Monday, August 10, 2009



It never ceases to amaze me that, despite my utter neglect*, the garden puts out these amazing red balls of loveliness.


These are my annual Super Sweet 100s, I love these things. They have a lovely balance of sweet and acidic, they are nice straight from the garden, dried or roasted. Once we figured out that it is best to back way off the watering, they don't split as much, and the hornworms don't seem to care for them. This particular batch went into the food drier.

Ready to dehydrate

The larger tomatoes haven't started ripening yet, at least as far as I can tell, it is a jungle in the tomato garden this year. But I have so far harvest 3 pounds of beans (green and purple). Yikes. I also have a large basil harvest pending. After my first attempt at raising basil seed failed this Spring, I threw the rest of the seeds into a pot. I got lots of teeny plants, but they didn't look very promising, but when the radishes were done, I put the tiny plants in the garden. They have been very happy. Sometime this week (when I find the kitchen, I'm sure it is in the house somewhere) I will make a boatload of pre-pesto (no cheese or salt) for the freezer.

*It turns out I have an excuse for my neglect this year (not that I really need one to be neglectful). I went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago with the very vague complaint, "I'm tired". It turns out I am anemic, which is good news because there is an actual cause and I can do something about it (namely, take iron supplements). The bad news is that, while the cause of the anemia isn't by any stretch of the imagination life threatening, it is caused by something I will need get taken care of, probably in the next 5 years. This time permanently. Not really something to worry about right now. In the meantime, I've been on iron for about a week, so I should be getting back to my normal, peppy self. Any second now.


Valerie said...

Yum! Isn't it grand to finally see the realization of summer, but does it really have to be this hot and humid?!
Pre-pesto...what a great idea! Thanks for that tip.

Hope the iron gives you a lift quickly. Did you plant any spinach? Lot's of iron there...but I think it's hard for the gut to absorb it.

Sharon said...

What variety are you growing? I have nothing but green tomatoes. It's very sad, really. My basil came though. We're on target for potatoes and onions, but a cool June was a complete sabotage for produce. I can only drool and envy~

Mom said...

I am so envious! My patio tomato plant has produced six very small red balls of loveliness...