Friday, June 19, 2009

Garden Goodness

Despite being rather unmotivated to do a garden, not mention the remarkably chilly spring, things are growing. Edible things. It never ceases to amaze me.

Lettuce Bouquet

A pretty lettuce bouquet. The cool spring has been a boon to the lettuce, when I've planted it before, it usually bolts to seed.


The weather has also been good for radishes. I've never planted these before. An old boyfriend once claimed that radishes are a garden's equivalent of instant gratification. No kidding: these are close to the last of my first planting.

Radish Innards

I had no idea how much I love radishes. Len claims to like them, but he hasn't eaten many. I, on the other hand, am totally addicted.

Homemade Butter, Radish, and Sea Salt

Especially when eaten with a touch of homemade butter and a sprinkle of sea salt. To die for.

I'm feeling a little more motivated now.


Valerie said...

Try chopping the bigger radishes into match stick size for salads....yum!

However, you must allow them to get to be about 1.25" in diameter first. Hard to do when the bite size ones are so good.

You're right..It has been a cool and wetspring/summer so far.

bspinner said...

Beautiful mouth water radishes!!!

Amy said...

Mmmm...that looks so good.