Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Meet Mabel

Red Seersucker

I used a Singer 151G dress form and am working on padding and stuffing so she will be fairly similar to me. She's still a little lumpy but she's getting there. And, to be honest, I am a bit lumpy myself. Or a lot lumpy. I whipped the skirt up (pattern and all) while on a sewing date with Stef (many weeks ago, before Scotland and her husband's death rattle). The fabric is a seersucker from a thrift store. The skirt definitely gives my hips a bit of extra pouf.

Daisy Skirt

I made the daisy skirt late last fall. I had intended that it be an elastic waist skirt, but I kind forgot about my hips. Since I had already cut it out, I ended up throwing in a zipper. I need to add some darts for the skirt to fit my waist. Instead of a hem, I used yellow bias tape. I'm quite proud of that touch.

Yard Sale Skirt

This wrap skirt is from Heather Ross' Weekend Sewing. There was a mistake in the directions and yardage requirements and ince I didn't have enough fabric to cut the two additional panels, I cut about 3 inches off of the waist. It made the skirt shorter (a couple of inches longer than knee length) and I am overall pretty happy with how it turned out.

Tomorrow: dress.

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Stef said...

Oooh!! Love those skirts! I'm really looking forward to another sewing date in the near future. It's time for me to learn about zippers.