Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Miss Crabby Crab Head

I don't know if it is hormones, the never ending winter, the fun combination of sick cat* and sick mother**, or what, but I am not in a good place today. It doesn't help that everything I've tried to do at work has been full of complications: my computer decided to stop speaking to one of my printers, when our tech guy tried to fix it, my computer quit speaking to any printer. I was working on a list of new publications on our work blog, which is not nearly as user friendly as Blogger, formatting is a bit of a pain, and it does not autosave, occasionally, because the software wants to test my will, the post goes blank and all remnants of what I spent the hour on are gone. Good times. It goes on. I will not bore you.

*The steroids kicked in and Gwen is doing fine (aside from failing the drug test for the Tour de France). She is eating and looks quite well, it is easy to forget that anything is wrong with her at all. She goes in for her next round this weekend.

**My has had a very large kidney stone for a few months, surgery was postponed for a variety of reasons, but last Tuesday the thing shifted and it became very necessary to get it out. She had surgery on Wednesday. Basically, they do a small incision, insert a tube, blast the stone apart and suck out the bits. They don't usually get all the bits in one go, so she got to keep the tube and she is going in for round 2 on Friday, so I will be spending this weekend in South Haven.

I had planned on going out there this past weekend, and in fact, turned down a sewing date with Stef, but my brother was there and my mom suspected she would be needing me soon (trust me, it was for the best, I was not good company), so I finally made a pillow for Lizzy's new(ish) kennel. Fred loves it.

Fred Takes Over Lizzy's Bed

Lizzy likes it, too, when she gets to use it. I also screwed up cutting out a skirt, 'cos that is the way it is going these days.

Oh well. At least I don't have a tube sticking out of my back.

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