Friday, September 19, 2008


What I don't understand about going on vacation is how it is supposed to relieve stress. I mean I was behind at work when I left, which makes me even more behind now, plus I have two work studies to train. Oh well, I'll sleep it off this weekend (and get my house clean, I hope!) and ready to go on Monday. Right? Right.

I spent the first day getting across the country. I haven't been subjected to air travel since about 2002, things have changed. Seriously. You have to take off your shoes to go through security now and they charge you to check luggage. I didn't really enjoy it. The next day, though, my aunts Penny and Jeannette and I drove to the Oregon coast, which was a very pleasant drive. We wandered around Newport, a fairly touristy coastal town, but cute nonetheless (I wish I had taken more pictures there).


I love the colors in this one. I suppose if you live around water you feel about seagulls the way New Yorkers feel about rats. I don't live around water, so I find them charming.

After Newport, we headed over to the beach, where you would be hard pressed to get a tan. It was windy, cold, and stunningly beautiful. There are many more pictures on my Flickr site, but here are some of my favorites:


Yellow Post

Sand Grass

Little Running Birds

Next week: Yarn! Knitting! And so on..

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Sharon said...

I think it's ironic that you took the vacation the we decided against. We were both beat and decided for the first time since we've been married to take our vacation right here *en casa.* It was wonderful and relaxing, but I sure do miss the Oregon coast. I hope you ate at Mo's while you were in Newport. We always head to Florence and camp at the Harbor Vista campground where you can hear the channel buoys and waves crashing against the breakwater as you fall asleep. Your photos are delightful.