Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Toy

My New Toy

I bought myself a brand new sewing machine. We're going to elope.

Yes PR

I don't even care that it has a Project Runway logo, because it has overcast. I love overcast. I suppose I should have done more research, maybe I could have found more machine for less money, but it was a little like buying my first (and only) new car. I always had cars which got me from point A to point B but they always had very annoying quirks to work around, so I was going to love any new car I test drove, even if it was a boring Ford Escort (which, 10 years on, still doesn't have annoying quirks). I'm hoping my new sewing machine will an Escort: who cares that it is unexciting if 10 years from now it is still overcasting.

I love overcast.


Stef said...

Congratulations! I'm guessing this was an early birthday present to yourself...am I right?

We'll have to get together soon so that our machines can have a play date. Who knows, maybe your machine will inspire my machine (and me) to sew something.

Valerie said...

Yay! Much fun lies ahead. Brother was a sponsor and provider of sewing machines for the expo this weekend. Did you get a post show deal?


Sharon said...

I drove the Mazda version of the Escape for five years and can see why you're still pleased with yours. I just needed a better snow car.

Project Runway is on tonight - I can hardly wait! And I sure hope the show doesn't go to the Lifetime chanel because we don't get it.

bspinner said...

Great toy!!!! Have fun with it.

Mom said...

OK, what is overcast??