Thursday, June 05, 2008


So, I hear the Detroit Red Wings won some sort of cup or something?

"Detroit, Detroit
Got a hell of a hockey team"
--Paul Simon

That was for Stef and Keith, since I don't know from hockey, but it is also a nice moment for Detroit, which hasn't had many nice moments lately (yeah, Kwame, I'm lookin' at you!)

And, I got an e-mail from my aunt Penny. Some time ago, she had mentioned a knitting retreat in Oregon (where she lives) which she attended last year with my aunt Jeannette. She thought I might like to come this year and put me on the waiting list and early this week she got confirmation that I am in! So I get to go to Oregon, hang out with a bunch of knitters in a gorgeous place, and, most importantly, spend quality time with my aunts, who I adore and don't get to see enough of (Penny lives in Corvallis, Jeannette in Idaho). Unfortunately, this is in mid-September, which is right in the middle of canning season, so I can't stay as long as I would like, but it will be very nice to get away.

And. One more. My oldest nephew, Darian, graduated from high school on Tuesday, which is one thing, but he had a whole bunch of marks next to his name standing for honors like Summa Cum Laude, National Honor Society, and Senior Class Vice President.

Here he is with two of his proud sisters (my nieces, Imani, in yellow, and Cierra, in blue). Darian will be attending the University of Michigan in the Fall (chemical engineering). His early childhood was kind of crazy -- he was adopted at a year old by Kathy and Edgar in a very open adoption -- things could have gone very badly for him, and it is a great tribute to him, Kathy, Edgar and my sister that he is such a terrific young man. We are all so very proud of him!


Anonymous said...

Great picture of Darian and sisters, Lee. I think you said it all - we are proud of him!


Sharon said...

I love that picture and the joy that shouts out from it.

Where in Oregon? I'm going on retreat in two weeks to Virginia City, the Silver Queen of Nevada - can't wait.