Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Long time, no see

It turns out, it has become difficult to post about knitting that is in progress. The pictures are boring to take, so you can probably just blame the other blog since that is taking most of my interesting photos. So, what is going on?

Knitting: I have finished both fronts for the Barcelona Jacket and am about 1/3 done with the sleeves.

I finished Len's hat, but it was about an inch too short, plus the decreases for the crown were too fast and made the top all gathered. I hate that. Len didn't care, but I do, so out it came. I'm getting to the point of starting the decreases again and need to figure out how to do them so the top isn't gathered. Because I want the cables to go up as far as possible, decreasing isn't as simple as knit 10, knit 2 together.

I have finished one knee sock and started the other.

Knee sock and cuff

I'm further along than this: I'm actually into the decrease section now.

Kitties: Last weekend was the first weekend since the end of January none of the cats have needed to go to the vet for check ups or medications. I doubt we have seen the last of the gross, but things are calm for now (nothing life threatening, just gross). I did find out that they have all been eating too much, so they are on a more austere program. It hurts Len more than any of the cats.

Len is becoming a nerd.


He found a laptop that had been left behind by a tenant 5 years ago (it is a long, kind of sordid tale, involving parents and power plays, best not to get into it). He brought it home and now our computer can keep up with our relatively slow DSL. Plus it has FreeCell. I've been seeing less of Len. And now he brings the thing to work with him and searches for free floating wireless internet. It's kind of hilarious. He hasn't gone too far, though: I asked him if I could unhook his e-mail from mine, and he wasn't comfortable with that yet. He did make an attempt at The Reason the Internet Took Off (ah, porn), scared him half to death, what with all the pop-ups and flashing and what not, so I don't think I'll have to worry about that anymore.

Also, this weekend I found myself in electronics wiring hell. It was not fun. I'm back to purgatory, but I ask you: why do I have to run our DVR and DVD player through an RF Modulator and VCR (which we do not ever use) in order for them both to work? Does that make any sense at all? Stupid wires. I had wiring diagrams lying all over the house, to no avail. Nothing worked, so we had to hook the VCR (seriously, we don't even turn the thing on!) and modulator thingy back up in defeat.

This squirrel yelled at me the whole time I was outside taking pictures yesterday.

Angry squirrel

Yes. Squirrels are fat in Ann Arbor, even in the winter. And yes. It was snowing. A lot.


Sharon said...

Squirrels are bossy but somehow they captivate us. Ian and I were walking through Central Park last October and saw a group of folks at the base of a tree, stock still. Ian decided they must be a troop of mimes. It turns out they were Japanese tourists trying to photograph a squirrel at the base of the tree - every one of them had an expensive camera.

Anonymous said...

Lee, look at this for top of hats:

It's now my favorite. good luck, Elizabeth

Valerie said...

Love the photo blog! The socks look great too. Can't wait to see the Barcelona jacket.

Squirrels: I swear one was chattering at my kitchen window the morning after the snow, wondering where "his" field corn was. (dh feeds the squirrels and the birds)