Friday, December 22, 2006

Doll Sweater and Merry Christmas

Here is the sweater I knit for one of Len's niece's dolls (you know the one, 18", massive marketing campaign?)


It is not without it's problems (cable splay, anyone?), but I like it nonetheless. There are more pictures of it over at the Flickr site. Several years ago, Knitters magazine had a short series of matching sweaters for girls and their 18" dolls, one of what was an Aran style. I don't like that sweater so much, but figured I could steal their numbers and plug in cables that I like. I've wanted to do this for an adult size sweater and thought this would be a non-threatening way to start. My next plan is to make a lace sweater for my stepmother's doll (not an 18" one). I have a vision, we'll see if it works.

I have the next 10 days off. I may try to post once or twice during that time, but mostly I think I shall be lying around my house watching very bad television. That is my idea of a divine vacation!

Have a Merry Christmas or a Happy Festivius!

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