Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Knitting Goals

Even though I'm not doing any knitting for Christmas (the stress just kills me, and Christmas is quite stressful enough), I do have some goals for this winter:

1. I intend to finish the sweater I started three years ago for my dad. Yep, it's true, this thing pre-dates the boyfriend. I only have the sleeves and collar, so I am very confident. My sub-goal is to have the first sleeve finished and the second sleeve picked up by Christmas.

2. Finish fixing two pairs of socks. I actually already finished one pair, but they are too small, so I need to take the toes out and add few more rounds to each.

3. Hat for Len. For some reason, the man who only ever wants things in solid green, blue or gray wants a hat made out of scraps of yarn. He seems to understand that this means crazy colors, crazy stripes and the whole bit, so I guess I will do it. For him. The freak.

4. A scarf for myself. I have to finish it, I'm so sick of it I could cry. I hate knitting scarves.

5. A project which I will not go into.

I also have yarn for socks for both myself and for Len. I might start those, but I very seriously doubt I will finish them. When I finish the scarf, I will start playing with yarn for an Alice Starmore sweater (Fulmar), but god knows when I will actually start the knitting for that one, and I probably will never finish it.

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Block Party said...

I know nothing about knitting, but I like Lee. Looks great - keep it up!